Staking Queue


The Staking Queue is the quantity of ETH that is waiting to be staked in vaults on Stakewise. When looking at this indicator at a vault level a user can identify which vaults are seeing long wait times before enough ETH is collected to create a new validator.

How can I use it?

Increases in vaults waiting for enough ETH to create a new validator can identify certain vault types that users are hesitant to join and also a leading indicator of decreasing liquidity depth for osETH across the ecosystem. However, increasing wait times for deposited ETH at the protocol level can indicate a coming increase in osETH supply and more confidence in the protocol.

Users that are looking to quickly access osETH will want to check this indicator to see what wait times are for depositing ETH and becoming an allocator. If the wait times are long, the user might prefer to acquire osETH through the open market while waiting for the staking queue to decrease in wait time.

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