Allocator Age Distribution


Allocator Age Distribution indicator tracks how long an allocator has maintained a minted osETH position in a vault. The age of a position will remain increasing until the allocator decides to repay the position partially or in full.

How can I use it?

Increasing allocator lifespan signals a more robust network. This means that allocators are managing their positions well and do not have the need to repay their position to avoid liquidation. This also indicates that there is consistent utility for osETH in DeFi and that allocators are benefitting from positions.

Decreasing allocator lifespan can indicate either new positions are being opened or existing allocators are closing their positions. If the share of lower time frame positions begins to increase, users should monitor osETH supplies in the vaults to evaluate if older positions are being closed or liquidated or if new osETH is being minted.

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