Facilitator GHO Supply Flowchart - Aave V3 Ethereum Pool


This indicator features a historical chart showcasing the mints and burns of GHO carried out by each facilitator within the Aave V3 Ethereum Pool. The chart includes daily mint and burn flows, along with an additional line representing the total netflows.

The indicator is divided into three main components:

Daily Mints & Burns: Tracks the daily quantity of GHO tokens minted and burned by each facilitator.

Netflows: Calculates the cumulative amount of GHO supplied by the facilitator over time, including both mints and burns.

Facilitator Health: It also helps in evaluating the ratio of mints to burns, alerting to potential insolvency risks if large burns are detected.

How can I use it?

Daily tracking ensures a granular view of facilitator activity, allowing for timely identification of trends or anomalies.

By monitoring the GHO supply activity of facilitators, the indicator provides valuable insights into the health and stability of facilitators. A sudden increase in burns, for example, could signal financial distress, potential insolvency risks, or other operational issues.

Facilitators play a vital role in managing liquidity within decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems. Their activity in minting and burning tokens can impact the stability and trustworthiness of specific assets or pools. Analyzing this activity provides critical insights into the facilitator's operational integrity and the broader market dynamics of GHO.

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