osETH Vault Distribution


This indicator gives an overview of how the vaults (and total ETH) are distributed among the different types of vaults that Stakewise offers. Currently there are three types of vaults, the genesis vault that is operated by Stakewise, Public vaults that are operated by other validator nodes where any user can deposit , and finally private vaults that are operated by solo-stakers or users who do not wish to accept additional capital.

How can I use it?

Tracking the distribution of these vaults can help users understand the growth and traction of osETH in the market. Increases in public and private vaults would indicate that additional validators are choosing to operate vaults in osETH as a way to gain additional fees on top of staking rewards or to continue staking on their own while also receiving an LST to use in DeFi. Additional growth in the public vaults would also indicate increased diversity in the validator and allocator set which will help diversify overall risk to osETH.

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