Whales Credit History


This indicator tracks large depositors' credits, borrowed share, total borrowed, repayments and liquidations history on the protocol. This information helps to have a better understanding of the whales that are currently interacting with the protocol.

For example, if a whale has a track record of being liquidated, it could be likely and probably has a higher chance that it gets liquidated again.

The indicator has an adjustable time frame selector that lets users analyze different periods in the protocol. The supply share column is not affected by the time frame selector, showing the current supply share at all times.

How can I use it?

This indicator gives a well rounded picture of the current whale behavior within the protocol. By tracking large depositor behavior, you can gain valuable insight into the activity of the "whales" in the protocol and how they are affecting the ecosystem.

By examining the liquidation history you can assess the risk associated with lending to the protocol. Moreover, by analyzing the recent payments and total debt users can gauge the whale’s previous interactions with the protocol and try to predict their standard behavior.

Furthermore, the current borrow share allows liquidators and lenders to predict scenarios of whales being liquidated.

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