Whales Monitor


This indicator tracks a whale's historical activity in the crvUSD market, focusing on collateral, debt, soft liquidations (stablecoin), and total profit and losses. It presents columns displaying: the collateral securing the crvUSD loan, the incurred debt, soft liquidations indicating partial collateral selling to meet margin requirements, and the profit or loss (PNL) from this allocation. When a position undergoes a soft liquidation, the collateral that backs the debt is dynamically divided into the collateral token and the crvUSD token. During this process, a portion of the collateral gradually converts into crvUSD. Soft liquidations reflect the whale's risk management strategies. The PNL column aggregates the whale's total financial gains or setbacks. Monitoring these elements is crucial for identifying actions that could influence market dynamics.

How can I use it?

This indicator is crucial for understanding the broader impact of whale activities on the crvUSD market. By tracking the health and movements of whale positions, it provides all market users with insights into potential liquidity shifts, especially in scenarios where whales withdraw or face liquidation. This information is invaluable for predicting market movements and aiding in risk management. Essentially, it enables users to anticipate and react to market changes driven by the activities of these influential market participants.

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