Stakewise Slash Ratio


The Slash Ratio indicator tracks the total number of slashes that validators for Stakewise have incurred from incorrectly performed attestations or proposed blocks. This indicator also tracks any slashing events from all validators for Ethereum and calculates a ratio of the proportion of total slashes from Stakewise validators compared to the global validator set.

How can I use it?

The chart above is ideally how we want this chart to always look. It shows that there have been no recent slashing events in Stakewise or in the global validator set. However, if this chart was showing slashing events and a high ratio of them were from Stakewise validators, this would have an impact on allocators who would be susceptible to their ETH being slashed. If slashes on Stakewise are occurring, it is helpful for new and existing allocators to identify the vaults where slashes are occurring and allocate their ETH to another vault.

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