Waiting Transactions


This indicator measures the in-flight or in-process transactions within a DeFi bridge protocol. This metric quantifies the number of transactions that have successfully left the originating blockchain but have not yet been confirmed or finalized on the destination blockchain. It's a crucial indicator of the operational status and efficiency of cross-chain transactions facilitated by the bridge.

How can I use it?

A low number of transactions pending completion suggests high operational efficiency of the bridge, indicating swift processing and minimal delays in cross-chain transfers. Conversely, a high number could signal bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

Monitoring this metric can provide insights into the health and performance of both the bridge protocol and the connected blockchains. A sudden increase in pending transactions may indicate congestion, technical issues, or scalability limits being reached.

Pending transactions represent a state of uncertainty; the longer a transaction is in this state, the higher the risk of failure or market changes impacting the transaction outcome. This indicator helps users assess the risk associated with using the bridge at any given time.

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