Liquidation History


This indicator shows the record of all liquidations that have taken place for the crvUSD stablecoin market over time. Liquidation links are the transaction hash, which can be seen in the Etherscan block explorer. Borrowers are those getting liquidated, while liquidators are seizing their collateral assets. Collateral seized represents the quantity of collateral tokens that are backing the debt and were liquidated, while stablecoin seized denotes the number of crvUSD tokens, also serving as debt collateral, that were also liquidated.

The indicator is broken down into liquidation, borrower, liquidator, market, debt liquidated, collateral seized and stablecoin seized. In addition, it can also be sorted by the liquidation, debt liquidated or collateral seized amount columns.

How can I use it?

Knowing the detailed liquidation history in a protocol can provide valuable information. A detailed liquidation history can help users and investors understand the overall risk associated with using the protocol. In addition, it also helps ensure transparency in the protocol, as it provides a clear understanding of the performance of the protocol and the risks associated with using it.

Furthermore, it simplifies the searching process for the most recent liquidations of the protocol, which at times can become tedious.

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