osETH Redemption Status


The redemption status tracks how much osETH or ETH is available to be withdrawn from the protocol immediately. The amount of assets available to withdraw is an indicator of how quickly the exit queue length will start to increase if a large amount of users decide to exit their osETH positions simultaneously.

How can I use it?

This chart explains two things. The first is how efficiently the vaults are managing their positions. If lower amounts of osETH and ETH are available to be withdrawn, it means that allocators are maximizing their vault positions to have as much osETH as possible supplied to the market.

The second item this chart explains is how easy it is to exit osETH through the protocol. As there are low amounts of withdrawable assets currently available, large exits would likely create a scenario where validators would have to exit to provide the ETH requested and therefore users would have to wait in the Exit Queue.

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