Historical Slippage


The "Historical Slippage" indicator measures the amount of crvUSD that needs to be bought or sold to shift its price by a specific percentage. This indicator essentially tracks the liquidity and price stability of crvUSD by observing how market actions affect its price. By analyzing the historical data of price movements in relation to the volume of crvUSD traded, this indicator offers a clear view of the asset's market depth and the potential impact of large trades on its price.

How can I use it?

Understanding the vulnerability of crvUSD to slippage is crucial for both traders and investors. This indicator provides valuable insights into the resilience of crvUSD's price peg, indicating how well it can maintain its value against market volatility. For traders, it helps in strategizing entry and exit points by estimating the potential price impact of their trades. For investors, it's a tool to gauge the overall health and stability of crvUSD, enabling them to make more informed decisions about holding or transacting in this asset.

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