Welcome to the IntoTheBlock Risk Radar

IntoTheBlock is a data science company applying cutting-edge research in AI to deliver actionable intelligence for the crypto market.

IntoTheBlock has been deeply involved in DeFi from its beginning. This began with the launch of DeFi Insights analytics and grew substantially through its institutional quantitative strategies (IntoTheBlock Quant) services. IntoTheBlock’s DeFi Quant Platform serves as the gateway used by some of the largest crypto institutions to access DeFi yields via sophisticated quantitative strategies with corresponding risk management models.

To help streamline institutional adoption of DeFi, IntoTheBlock decided to open access for and expand upon its risk management tools through the IntoTheBlock Risk Radar.

Risk monitoring and management is paramount for any financial service. The recent events in the DeFi market have proven that risk management is essential to catalyze the growth of the space. Following IntoTheBlock’s experience safeguarding assets in DeFi through advanced risk management models, we believe that expanding these tools and offering them to the public would help make DeFi safer over the mid- to long-term.

A detailed explanation of IntoTheBlock's Risk Radar goals can be found in this Medium post by our CEO Jesus Rodriguez

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