osETH Total Supply Flows


This indicator provides a historical chart showing the mints (creation) and burns (destruction) of osETH tokens. It serves as a leading indicator to analyze potential supply issues, such as imbalances that can have larger market impacts, including increased slippage or price impact costs when exiting liquidity pools (LPs) or performing swaps.

How can I use it?

By tracking the mints and burns of osETH, this indicator helps identify potential supply issues early on. This insight allows traders, liquidity providers, and other stakeholders to take proactive measures to mitigate potential market impacts.

The balance between mints and burns is crucial in managing a token's supply and ensuring stability in the market. Any sudden changes in this balance could lead to unexpected market reactions, making this indicator valuable for those engaged in trading or providing liquidity for osETH. It enhances market awareness and helps in decision-making processes.

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