sUSDe Price Performance


sUSDe is a yield-bearing token, increasing in price as it earns returns from underlying investments managed by Ethena. This indicator tracks the relative price movement of sUSDe against other similar yield bearing stablecoins.

The computation is straightforward:

  • Price of sUSDe / Price of another yield bearing stablecoin = Relative Price Indicator

This ratio reflects how the investment performance of sUSDe, driven by its yield-generating mechanisms, compares to other stablecoins.

How can I use it?

This indicator is crucial for assessing how effectively Ethena’s investment strategies are performing in comparison to other yield strategies or stablecoin benchmarks. A rising price of sUSDe relative to other stablecoins suggests superior yield performance.

Moreover, investors and portfolio managers use this information to determine whether sUSDe offers a competitive return compared to other investment opportunities within the stablecoin market or broader financial instruments.

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