De-Peg Leaderboard


This indicator consists of a comprehensive table displaying historical de-pegging events for a given asset. These events are characterized by instances where the price deviates by +/- 0.5% or more from the intended peg. The table includes details such as the duration of the de-pegging event (in hours), the Total Value Locked (TVL) in the pool at that time, losses accrued by Liquidity Providers (LPs), among other relevant metrics.

How can I use it?

This indicator offers valuable insights into the stability and robustness of a pegged asset. Understanding previous de-pegging events and their magnitude allows market participants to assess the risks, resilience, and potential implications of future deviations. It's instrumental in decision-making for liquidity providers, traders, and risk managers.

De-pegging events can be critical in the world of stablecoins and other pegged assets, where maintaining a specific price is essential. A comprehensive understanding of these events aids in evaluating the stability mechanisms, liquidity, and overall health of the asset and associated pools.

Monitoring this indicator is vital for those actively involved in pegged assets, as it aids in recognizing patterns, identifying vulnerabilities, and planning strategies to mitigate potential risks associated with de-pegging.

The indicator relies on historical data and does not predict future de-pegging events. It requires careful interpretation, considering various factors that may have contributed to each de-pegging instance.

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